About Us

When we opened Smithfield in 1994 our strong principles of genus loci extended to our wine list: we would buy from our neighbours.  Unwilling to be shackled by the choices of agents Trevor forged relationships enabling us to buy directly from the vignerons, and our wine company was born.  We are privileged in that these close friendships allow us to have small packets and unusual wines often rarely seen elsewhere, at exceptional value.  

Our Own Label

Our St. John wines are the wines that we like to drink.  Each wine is true to its region, offers good value and are perfectly suited to the table.  Trevor works year on year with the various vignerons to decide on the blends, creating bottles that we are proud to put our name on.  They are how we want them to taste, from the vineyard to the glass. 

'House Wine' is so often used to refer to the cheapest bottle.  St. John wine represents not the cheapest, but the most representative bottle


Our Winery

Back in 2008 Trevor and our wine maker Benjamin stood in front of a run down medieval building in La Liviniere, a village in the Minervois.  Three years later our first vintage was being harvested!  This is our Boulevard Napoleon, named after the street on which it is made.  We work 'parcellaire' with vignerons, working on the viticulture and the harvest, we then vinify at our winery.

Our interest is to make wines that are of themselves and not to some flavour or customer profile. We want them to represent each vintage and to demonstrate that the future is not just in pricepoint supermarket wines but that there is both a place and a future for craft winemaking.