La Grange Aux Belles

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Vigneron: Marc Houtin et Julien Brestau

Mark and Julien’s winery is very young and dynamic. Their first official vintage was 2008. I love their wines because they are simple, fresh, expressive and leave no room for ego. The ‘Fragile’ is a beautifully expressive Chenin, the fruit just keeps coming. They only make a small amount of wine so we are happy to list it almost seasonally with the Cabernet Francs in cooler months and the Gamay/Grolleau’s when they're bottled from early spring onwards. There is no filtering, fining, or sulphur added to these wines. Natural they are; trend followers they are not.
The Prince is made from very old Cabernet Franc vines and has incredibly minerality, it favours decanting. The 53 is so named after the year in which the vines were planted. This Summer's Vin Jardin and Chaussee Rouge are great chilled and have great natural Loire funk and vitality to them.