JP Robinot

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Vigneron: Jean-Pierre Robinot

Where to begin with Jean Pierre and his wines?
The Loir is a northerly subsidiary of the Loire where wine production has seriously declined over recent years. However, there is still a band of dedicated, some might say mad few, making wines of a somewhat special nature. 

Jasnieres is the most well known appellation, regarded as a bit like Savennieres in style, however JP's Jasnieres do not really conform to hard and fast rules other than those of nature. Even the local appelation committee regard some of his wines as too atypical to be given a proper appeallation, hence the Vin de Tables. Every step of the production of JP's wines is about nature. From the organic tending of the vineyards, through to how long the wines are fermented and even what the end product itself will be. If you ask Jean Pierre what the future holds for the wines in his countless barrels in his many long, dark, humid cellars dug into the hillside, he is most likely to reply that 'we' (him and his wines) 'haven't decided'. A regular winery may only ferment its wines for 2-3 weeks, JP regularly leaves them for around ten months though the first vintage of his dry, noble-rot top cuvee 'Juliette Robinot' was given three years! He doesn't add yeasts or sulphur and he doesn't fine or filter. As you can imagine the end results are not like a 'normal' wine.

They are astonishingly complex and layered. We have even tried bottles that have been open for a couple of weeks that still show more vibrancy and life than many other wines could wish for. Such is the magic of JP's wine making.

Jean-Pierre's wines, both white Chenin Blanc and red Pineau d'Aunis, will not be to everyone's liking. We recognise that this style of wine does not sit comfortably in the modern world of wine, other than to show what magic can be created with fermented grape juice. They are not homogenous, commercial or of mass appeal, but for us the memory of that first taste will stay with us for a very long time.