Domaine Olivier Pithon

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Vigneron: Olivier Pithon

Olivier Pithon has been involved with the vine and wine making from a very early age. His Grandfather was a vine grower in Anjou, Loire and when Olivier was four his big brother, Jo Pithon, settled on the hillsides of Layon, Loire, to this day producing wines that hold great respect. "My goal is to make the wine as good as possible by getting as much out of the soil as I can, whilst respecting our environment and considering the problem of leaving the soil healthy for generations to come".
After learning his craft in Bordeaux, Olivier set out to find his own winery. By the end of 2000 he was drawn to the village of Calce where he met with Gerard Gauby, a friend of his brother's. He has since well and truly settled his roots. Olivier has one main driving force for his work: "I have had only one desire: to give everything to my vines so that then they give it back in their grapes and in my wine. You must be proud and put your guts, your sweat, your love, your desires, your joy and your dreams into your wine."
His time in Bordeaux taught him "the sensitivity to how wines can become pleasure, balance and lightness. The love of a
job well done, the precision in the choice of interventions, the importance of tasting during the production of wines and the respect for the prime material. These things are vital." 
It was this foundation that has developed his attitude towards the vine and his environment. "Growing biologically was for me self evident, a mark of respect, a qualitative requirement and a choice of life style. It’s economically irrational for a young enterprise like mine but I don’t know any other way to be than whole; generous and natural.  It is unthinkable to work the vines and the land without love and respect. You can not speak of respect for the land whilst putting on products with a skull on the cans."
Olivier's wines are inspired. They achieve a balance between character and nature that has to be the envy of all wine makers. His goal is to make the wine as good as possible by getting as much out of the soil as he can, whilst respecting the environment and considering the problem of leaving to generations to come healthy soil: "We don’t inherit the land of our ancestors, we lend it to our children".