Domaine de la Colombette

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Vigneron: Francois et Vincent Pugibet

Founded at the end of the 19th Century by Louis Pugibet, the Domaine has been passed on through the family from generation to generation. The vineyards look out towards the Mediterranean in terraced rows making the most of the natural elements that are part responsible for the character of the wines. The rest of the magic is nurtured by Vincent, the current vigneron, under the watchful eye of his father Francois .

Son and father are both highly dedicated not only to retaining the reputation of the Domaine through its quality, but also to the unending pursuit of research and innovation. When Francois took over the vineyards in 1966 he set about totally renewing the vineyard, whilst at the same time largely contributing to the revival of the Languedoc. Vincent joined his father in 1997 and since then has strived to bring about even more groundbreaking changes, such as the introduction of the screw-cap closure.

Their most recent research has been into the control of alcohol levels in wine. Their 'classical' range now has levels at only 11.5% for the whites and 12% for the reds. Compare that to some of the 14.5% (and the rest...) wines emerging as a knee jerk reaction to the 'New World' explosion. The emphasis is quite rightly being put back onto the freshness and purity of the fruit.

They have also now launched a new range of wines under the title 'Plume', which have an alcohol level of only 9%. Their aim is to produce a wine for pleasurable drinking, without so much of the side effects one feels with popular strength wines. 


Vincent Pugibet