Domaine Chataigneraie - Laborier

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Vigneron: Gilles and Joelle Morat

The Domaine is situated in Vergisson, a small village about 10 km west of Macon. The village is nestled between the rocks of Solutre and the hill from which the village takes its name. The situation is idyllic and well worth a visit just to see the view. It is on these slopes that the vineyards are situated, in soils rich in clay and limestone and with a high presence of fossils. It is this rich variation that gives the wines so much of their character.
Gilles and Joelle Morat are a young couple who keep to the best and most diligent of traditional practices in their vineyard management and wine making. They use no pesticides or herbicides, work the soils and harvest by hand and only fertilise with natural and organic treatments.