Domaine Boudau

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Vigneron: Pierre Boudau

The domaine was created in the 1920s with just a few plots of vines by Hippolyte Boudau. Today it is nearly 119 acres (48 hectares) in size and has been run by Veronique and Pierre Boudau since 1993.

It is split into two distinctive sites: Le Clos - situated at the entrance to the Agly valley on steep South East facing slopes that benefit greatly from the cooling winds of the 'Tramontane'. Grenache and Syrah flourish here, producing wines with excellent structure and balance. The second is La Pinede - on the Baixas plateau where 50 year old Grenach vines grow surrounded by large river-rolled pebbles that absorb the heat during the day and radiate it back to the vines at night, much like the vineyards of Chateauneuf-du-Pape. There is also a small plot of Muscat Petit Grain for the whites.

All the vineyards are tended with meticulous care with methods that allow the vines to grow naturally, providing them with a balanced environment in which to grow healthy grapes that go on to make rich and balanced wines. Harvesting is all done by hand and the grapes brought into a modern winery where they are vinified under stringent conditions.

The end result is a collection of wines that each tell you a bit about the estate and the wine makers whilst their individual personalities and characters are defined to provide great enjoyment for the drinker