Chateau de Lascaux

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Vigneron: Jean-Benoit Cavalier

Jean-Benoit has been president of the syndicat of Coteaux du Languedoc for 4 years. Chateau de Lascaux is a 45 hectare family-owned vineyard located in the Pic St Loup area of the Languedoc region. Current wine maker-owner Jean-Benoit Cavalier can trace his families involvement in wine on the site back to 1750, with records of ancestors working the land around Vacquieres existing as far back as 1151.
The Chateau is perfectly situated amongst the laurel, thyme, rosemary & Aleppo pines of the Garrigue to shelter the vines from the cold winds of the Mistral and Tramontana whilst at 120 meters above sea level able to retain the freshness, elegance and diversity of aromas possible from this terroir.
The vineyards are planted primarily to Syrah and Grenache for red and rose wines, and Roussanne, Marsanne and Rolle (Vermentino) for the whites.The vineyard work is carried out with a respect and knowledge of the land that they have worked for generations. Practicing sustainable agriculture and restricting yields preserves the quality of the end wine whilst allowing the character of the Chateau, the land and of course the wine maker to shine through.

"I believe in imparting to my team a quest to go beyond the finesse and minerality of the terroir given to us by nature, a focus on the infinite possibilities of future new vintages and a dedication to hard work and highest quality."